gluten free

We offer a delicious selection of gluten-free options baked fresh every day. We are not a certified gluten-free facility.

Gluten Free Treats

Chocolate Brownie

Chocolate Chip Cookie

Lemon Vanilla Cupcake

Chocolate Tart

Lemon Lavender Tart

Carrot Cake Cupcake

Blueberry Scone

Jalapeño Corn Muffin

Double Chocolate Chip & Olive Oil

Chocolate Cream Whoopie Pie

Mexican Chia Pudding Seed

Sweet and Salty Almond Butter Cups


Raw-Reo Cookie

Coconut Macaroon

Raw Chocolate with Maca

Raw Cheesecake

Espresso Cupcake

Chocolate Torte Cake

Vegan Chili

Blueberry Coffee Cake

Kale Chips

Banana Bread Walnuts

Sweet Potato Pudding


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