coffee (new harvest)

marika dark roast
This blend features certified USDA organic coffee from Latin America dark bold flavor with mellow chocolate undertones.
kilimanjaro medium roast
This blend features certified USDA organic coffee from Latin America and Africa Cherry and chocolate aromas with a full body and hints of blueberry, whiskey and a little smoke.


Our hot teas are purchased through Farmacy Herbs, and we purchase the tea for our iced teas through Mem Teas.


caffeinated hot teas

  • assam
  • gunpowder green
  • earl grey
  • ginger chai
  • providence breakfast


caffeine-free hot teas

  • lemon rose love
  • women’s blend
  • rooibos
  • peppermint
  • chamomile
  • lavender

iced teas

  • green mint
  • black
  • hibiscus blood orange

specialty drinks

feel better
orange juice. lemon. ginger. cayenne. hot or iced
coffee milk latte
espresso. coffee syrup. choice of milk
cardamom latte
espresso. cardamom syrup. choice of milk.
cafe caliente
espresso. cinnamon. cacao. cayenne. choice of milk.
espresso & tonic
espresso. tonic water. lavender syrup.
golden milk
turmeric. black pepper. cinnamon. maple syrup. coconut milk. hot or iced
beet latte
beet juice. maple syrup. milk of choice. hot or iced
matcha latte
matcha powder steamed with milk of choice, hot or iced
ginger lemon tea
cold pressed


the hulk
spinach. kale. pineapple. chia. hemp seed. flax milk.
wake up shake
banana. dates. raw oats. peanut butter. cinnamon. flax milk.
spinach. kale. banana. blueberry. almond butter. almond milk
spinach. kale. banana. mango. orange juice. coconut milk
spinach. kale. cilantro. pineapple. ginger. orange juice
berry green
spinach. kale. parsley. banana. blueberry. strawberry. carrot juice
al green
spinach. kale. parsley. celery. apple. cucumber. lemon. ice
yellow sub
banana. pineapple. mango. orange juice

core shake
banana. peanut butter. ice. chocolate protein. almond milk.
banana. pineapple. blueberry. orange juice. coconut milk
banana. peanut butter. granola. coconut milk. ice
rise & shine
banana. strawberry. blueberry. granola. almond milk
princess leia
pineapple. blueberry. ginger. orange juice
banana. strawberry. blueberry. orange juice
spinach. kale. avocado. banana. mango. almond milk
sgt. pepper
avocado. pineapple. lemon. ginger. cayenne. orange juice


hemp seed

cacao powder

hemp powder




camu camu


vegan protein (chocolate or vanilla)

signature breakfast pastries

granola scone

blueberry scone

banana bread

cinnamon knot

savory knot

seasonal flavor savory scone

gluten free seasonal flavor scone

gluten free seasonal flavor muffin

signature dessert pastries

chocolate peanut butter cupcake

cookie dough cupcake

seasonal flavor cupcake

peanut butter brownie

seasonal flavor cookie

gluten free seasonal fruit oat bar

gluten free chocolate peanut butter cupcake

gluten free whoopie pie (flavor varies)

gluten free chocolate brownie

gluten free almond butter cup

gluten free raw cheesecake with seasonal fruit

gluten free cowboy cookie

gluten free double chocolate cookie

gluten free/soy free chocolate chip cookie

assorted seasonal chocolates


kale quinoa salad

soba noodle salad

spicy “tuna” rolls

raw lasagna

sweet potato pudding

chocolate avocado pudding

seasonal flavor chia pudding

coconut date parfait

seasonal flavor parfait

powerhouse granola

coconut date granola

kale chips (in stock flavors may vary):

  • salt & vinegar
  • “cheesy”
  • salsa
  • jalapeño
  • garlic
  • tomato-basil

henry’s hemp bars

house-made DRY oatmeal

lunch options

soup of the day
soup combo
soup of the day served with 1 slice of focaccia
vegan chili
vegan chili combo
includes 1 slice of cornbread, with choice of vegan sour cream and/or fresh cilantro
garlic & herb focaccia
baker’s choice focaccia
simple green salad
prepackaged grab n go items
(as listed above)
happy hippie toast
peanut butter. banana. raisins. toasted coconut. agave
avo toast
smashed avocado. greens. salt. spices
daily toast special

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